John Adams. Koch's Snowflake Expanded. March 2014. 26" x 40", Pen and Marker.

John Adams. Koch’s Snowflake Expanded. March 2014. 26″ x 40″, Pen and Marker.

Throughout my Senior Thesis work I have been studying the relationships formed between the interaction of opposing types, forms and ideas. Throughout this exploration I have delved into geometric abstraction as a way to purify these relationships and find content and meaning within them. I have created pattern-generating processes based upon the simple geometric shape, the triangle, that is rooted in constraints and guidelines that explore the interplay between the different ways triangles can formulate and function. Mainly through the presence of two types of geometry, organized and unorganized. This is then presented in a combination that places these opposing types into a physical interaction that alludes to transformation, growth and expansion. The varying levels of rules within this process allow for the sense of discovery as well as the act of creating be a form of escapism. During this progression process becomes essential, the conceptualization of an idea creates meaning and content, where the product and perception is how that meaning is conveyed. These opposing ideas, conceptual versus perceptual and process versus product are placed in a mutual interaction. I believe that the combination of opposition into a mutual interaction is an interesting way to create contrast and formulates complex relationships both compositionally and conceptually. Throughout my studies I have used the writings and works of, primarily, Piet Mondrian and Sol LeWitt as a way to explain my progression and the conceptualization of my own work.