John Adams. Sierpinski's Triangle Expanded. March 2014. 26" x 40", Ink and Marker.

John Adams. Sierpinski’s Triangle Expanded. March 2014. 26″ x 40″, Ink and Marker.


This work studies relationships and interactions formed around the juxtaposition of opposing types, objects, shapes, colors and ideas. These types are formed through a pattern based process regulated by constraints and guidelines that vary the levels of control to determine the outcome. The process usually concerns the manipulation of triangles to create organized and unorganized geometric forms that result in complex compositions. Studying how these types can function and fit together creates growth, transformation and expansion. This work deals with both the conceptual and perceptual, an input and an output. These ideas rest in ambiguity where the input and output are often not defined, where one type could be either at the same time. This is present in the use of perpetual machines as well as in abstraction, where there is no context to hint to one or the other. This is an inherent part of the relationship formed when placing opposing forms and ideas into a mutual relationship.

Process becomes essential to this work through the presence of discovery in determining the different typologies presented as well as being a form of escapism. This work uses things such as perpetual motion machines, crystals, fractals and geometry to explore these ideas.



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